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What is a Virtual Desktop?

This technology provides customers with portable access to a complete desktop, applications, and data from virtually any device. By connecting to a desktop ‘session’ that is located in a secure data center, one can access the session from a wide range of devices, without having applications installed on a specific PC. This form of ‘remote control’ computing is intended to improve access to information and applications while providing more security and reliability.

What does this mean for me?

A Hopkins Virtual Desktop (HVD) provides a secure roaming desktop session across any number of devices, even outside of the Johns Hopkins network. Users can access a full Windows desktop from nearly any type of computing device (including iPad, tablets, netbooks, and legacy PCs).


The Virtual Desktop allows access anytime, anywhere. The environment offers unmatched performance, simple connectivity, and secure connection from any location. Your virtual desktop will preserve your session after you disconnect; meaning you can pick up where you left off upon reconnecting.